May 092013

This video montage highlights robotics research performed at the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech, which is directed by Prof. Charlie Kemp. All videos…

May 092013

iRobot CEO Colin Angle shows off the company’s latest robot designed to help people with home health care needs.

May 092013

RIBA II Care Support Robot For Lifting Patients DigInfo TV – 6/10/2011 H.C.R.2011 Tokai Rubber Ind…

Aug 112012

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With robotic surgery, one of the best decisions you will be. Although not all offer these facilities, it might be worthwhile to look for one that works. Human contact and experience is important, but the precision that comes from the use of these types of tools can be far more important in some situations. If you are in a position to have this surgery done, you will want the benefits of understanding to do this and realize why so many more people to doctors that offer these options in turn.

What Is It? Robotic surgery is one of the best tools available in some situations. Instead of a person that the method has a robot of any type. This is not the typical robot from an alien movie, but a machine that is the ability to work for you based on the elements it contains pre-programmed to do. Robots are used in every facet of life now. They help to make the food. They help you to do a variety of tasks throughout the day. They help assist you with the work and the kids at school. Why should they not be in the operating room? Why?There are many advantages to using these types of techniques. Of course every situation is different and it is up to your doctor and decide for yourself whether this is the correct procedure for your needs. However, there are many situations in which these services can really make a difference. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

You shall ensure precision in the conduct of the proceedings. Because of their ability to be very precise, you can count on the procedure, also a difficult issue to occur without any kind of error that can be performed. Robots are far less likely that the same small mistake, the people are prone to do.

This can be much less painful than that, do what a man guided surgical procedures produced. This can help to greatly reduce how much time you have to spend in the hospital. It may help to offer a far less invasive procedure. The more invasive procedure, the more risk there of complications and infections. This may reduce the risk of losing too much blood during surgery. It can help the amount of time you feel restricted reduced. Robotic surgery is a good thing, and it is something that a lot of people have benefited because of its precision. Find out how well this type of approach can work for you.About the Author


If you are in need of surgery, robotic surgery can Anniston right for you. Visit for more information or to discuss your options today.

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If you are in need of surgery, robotic surgery Anniston May the right one for you. Visit to discuss for more information or to order your options today.
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